Perestroika. Mikhail Gorbachev. Stolichnaya. Denys Petrov. All things common in the mid-1980’s, deep in the throes of Moscow, Russia. And as relations with the West warmed up, so did Denys’ family’s prospects of moving to USA, eventually relocating to the Great Midwest.

He spent his formative years in Minnesota, doing his best to lose the accent and shower daily. Denys then attended college in nearby Wisconsin, wasting his weekends exploring Chicago’s club culture.

Theater and Communications degrees in hand, he moved to Baltimore to work in an office building and accumulate debt. It was at this time Denys became involved in the mid-Atlantic comedy scene.

When the opportunity presented itself, and having achieved absolutely nothing of what he set out to do after graduation, Denys relocated to Los Angeles. In between pretending to care at his day job, and refinishing old furniture with his wife, raising their son Jack, and socializing their cat Nibbler, he likes to perform comedy around the area and write dumb things.

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