A Love Hate Relationship


Ever see an old person trying to catch a bus? It’s as uncomfortable to watch as it is fascinating. I’m talking about a very old person, seventy-five and up, hauntingly tottering down the sidewalk as they deliberate between catching that 9:15 bus and the natural state of their decaying body. It’s as far away from an actual jog as you can possibly get. You can see the osteoporosis salivating at every fragile hobble.

Almost, Alfred!

This is what performing standup comedy is like. It’s an eternal struggle between loving stage time and hating everything that it involves.

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Christmas Eve with Miley Cyrus


This past Christmas Eve was the first that I didn’t spend with my family. I wish I could tell you there was a good reason. That something pressing came up. I wish I could tell my family that. But the simple fact of the matter is that holiday travel is outrageously expensive. The obvious high jacking of prices by airlines, during the most traveled time of the year, is pure terrorism on the senses and bank account. So I just couldn’t afford it. Far and away from the hearth and home in Baltimore, Maryland, I was to spend my 2013 Christmas Eve in Hollywood. Continue reading

And with the 4th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select…


Nobody. They trade down. Strange, considering the Cleveland Browns’ recent history in the NFL Draft. Don’t lie, you, and everyone else, expected them to trade away both their first round picks (4th and 26th) this year, plus next year’s, for the #1 spot and select A.J. McCarron. That just seems like something they’d do, right? AJ! He won games! Continue reading

Website is back (like the eponymous PPK track)



Doo Doo Doo.



DooDooDooDoo. DooDooDooDoo.

Doo Doo.

Did you miss me? Great, glad we agree! I’ve also missed you. The website is back! I’m excited to bring some fresh material, perspective, keep you up to date on all of my happenings and gigs going forward. Please keep patient as I revamp and add content. While you wait: